The Islamic Project.

As you all know that has been beneficial to many Muslims around the world, therefore Ahlus Sunnah panel is going to launch huge Islamic projects such as:

Publishing house of international standards where all major hadith books, and others shall be translated into English and Urdu. They shall be available online too with easy search option. Also qualified scholars will answer your questions.

This is a huge project and for it we need support from all Sunnis around the world. Send your worthy donations by purchasing a booklet online.

Purchase booklet called "Rights of non-Muslims according to Islamic Sacred law (Sharia)"

Eliminating the misconceptions and refuting ISIS.

OR send donations to:

Bank: Standard Chartered, Lahore, Garden town branch.
Account title: Muhammad Aamir Khan
Account Number: 01581438301

For international users:

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For voice assistance in regards to any question related to Islam please add skype id: aamir-ibrahim