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This work is completely dedicated to Allah and His beloved Habeeb(صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)


This website exclusively contains the beliefs and views of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamah. The material is taken from authentic sources. In order to give a better understanding and to establish the authenticity of the material quoted, scanned pages from the referred books have been added. Insha'Allah in near future more topics shall be covered.


To begin with, I would like to thank My Sheikh Hazrath Dr. M.A.Aleem Siddiqui (R.A), for his blessings and dua, which benefited me throughout my life and will continue to benefit.


I am highly grateful to brother Aamir Ibrahim for his unfailing support and guidance at every level of this work.


I am also thankful to Waseem Ahmed, Mohammed Zameeruddin Ajmal, Mohammed Obaid ur Rahman Khan, Hammad Saifi, Ashfaq Hussain, Ali Hamid, Mohsin, Idris Faiz, Wajahat Hussain Al-Hanafi and others for constantly motivating and helping me through out this work.


Last but not the least, I owe my gratitude to my brother Mohammed Abdul Hafeez ,my parents and friends who encouraged and supported me during the work.

The Islamic Project.

As you all know that www.ahlus-sunna.com has been beneficial to many Sunnis around the world, therefore Ahlus Sunnah panel is going to launch huge Islamic projects which shall include:

1. Publishing house of international standards where all major hadith books, books on Aqida, Fiqh, and Tassawuf (Sufism) shall be translated into English and Urdu with Takhrij and Tahqiq of renowned scholars.

2. Online availability of all those books with option to search. You will be able to search any hadith or verse of Qur’an by typing in few letters (in English, Arabic, and Urdu)

3. Islamic institution where highly ranked scholars will answer your questions live on the website or you can call directly.

This is a huge project and for it we need support from all Sunnis around the world. Send your worthy donations to:

Bank: Standard Chartered, Lahore, Garden town branch.
Account title: Muhammad Aamir Khan
Account Number: 01581438301

For international users:

Iban: PK21SCBL0000001581438301